Books For Review – Unsettled

Another book coming your way today. This one is Unsettled by Neelima Vinod.


The hundred-roomed house is a rich tapestry of memories and hidden secrets, a dark, forbidding place, rumoured to be haunted by a vengeful Yakshi. Propelled by a desire to save their marriage, Divya and Raghav journey to the haunted mansion in search of the mythical Scrolls of Love.

Overview: ‘Unsettled’ is a novella set in South Asia *starring* a vampire seductress who pines for a five century old love with a court poet.The story begins with a young Indian couple about to give up on their marriage.They learn that the Scrolls of Love in a faraway hundred roomed house in the southern tip of India could give them the love they so need to salvage their marriage. They do not know that a female vampire, a shape shifter woman in white, guards the scrolls and will not let them get what she never ever received- the elixir of love.

About the author:

Neelima Vinod writes fiction and poetry. Her current obsessions are her twin sons, the books on her shelf and off it, and her poetry blog. She lives in Bangalore, India. You can connect with her on Twitter @neelthemuse or her Facebook page.
1. If you are interested in reviewing Unsettled, make a request for a copy by filling in these details using the Contact form:

a. Your name
b. URL of your blog
c. URL of a book review done by you
d. Let us know why you are interested in reviewing the book
e. Your email address, as this is an e-book.

2. I will then forward your request to the author. If your request for a copy is accepted by the author, she will arrange to send you a copy.
3. Please post an honest review on your blog within 15 days of receiving the book.
4. Link your review to the linky at the bottom of this post.
5. The author/s will also appreciate if you added your review to Amazon, Goodreads and Indireads.

PS: The author of Baramulla Bomber has promised to send the books out to those of you who requested for it, this week. Please let me know as and when you get them.


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