The Language Of Love – A Contest

This week – Feb 10-16 is the Random Acts of Kindness Week – celebrating kindness and love, and Valentine’s Day on the 14th makes it even more exciting!

Kindness is easy – all we need to do is try. I’d like to share a charming example of a wonderful random act of kindness from our friend Fran Sorin – Give Flower, Get A Smile.  Watch her in action here and find out more about this idea.

So how shall we celebrate kindness and love  on Write Tribe? We decided to hold a contest!  Here is how you can participate:

1. Write a story, a poem, an essay on your blog on the following prompt:

Listen with the ears of tolerance! See through the eyes of compassion! Speak with the language of love! ~ Rumi

2. The quote need not be used but your writing should be inspired by it.

3. The word limit is 600 words.

4. Use the following picture in your post and hyperlink it to our post (this is the link:


5. Our linky for this contest will open at 0000 hours on 14th February 2014 and close at 2300 hours on 15th February (Indian Standard Time). So while you might write your post before that, please ensure you link it here in this time frame.

The prize – A bouquet of e-books. 🙂

We are grateful to our friend, Vishal Bheeroo for inspiring us to choose this quote. Thanks, Vishal!

Note : There will be no Wednesday or 100 Words on Saturday prompt this week!

Celebrate kindness and love this week!

For results go here.


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Author: Corinne Rodrigues

Lover of words | Self-acceptance blogger | Instructional designer| Book Reviewer| Blog Coach

29 thoughts

  1. A wonderful way of celebrating the weekend – delving into ourselves, making us realize the importance of tolerance and how it can spread cheer in our life as well as the lives of those around us. Kudos to Vishal who came up with the idea. Three cheers to WT for taking the initiative for getting us together.


  2. Very nice quote and prompt suggestion, Vishal! I just might have to try my hand at this prompt as well. Happy writing, everyone–I look forward to reading these.


  3. Hi Corinne, I am grateful to both you and Richa for mentioning me for the quote. I feel it’s the goodness of you & write tribers to mention my name. I am not trying to be modest or humble but don’t think I deserve such praise coz it’s a wonderful quote I loved. But, I am gracefully accepting words of kindness from everyone. Thanks, Geeta, Leigh and Madhusmita for such wonderful words. Let’s spread cheerz and happiness around us.


  4. What a coincidence…I was preparing an upcoming post on a very similar theme. I am glad I checked out this great website today, will share it here as part of this theme. Thanks for all the wonderful work you have been doing here.


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  6. Great challenge, Corinne. And awesome quote again, Vishal. I had been writing my piece for a few weeks for another purpose and had abandoned it for awhile. I hope you guys and gals like it! Thanks for reading, looking forward to now reading all the other stories/poems, and best wishes.


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