My Earliest Memory

A couple of Sundays ago, Vidya Sury, had the ‘flu and to keep herself entertained (or so she claimed!) she asked the members of the Write Tribe group to share pictures of themselves. I’m not sure who started it but suddenly everyone began to share pictures of themselves as children. It was a fun day as we all teased each other and tried to spot the person in group photographs.

That’s when an idea struck – why don’t we share our earliest memory/ies? Strangely, only the women in the group took up the challenge and so was conceived the idea of a tag starting with Suzy Que and ending with Sulekha Rawat. The tagging wouldn’t have been possible without our super-organizer, Shilpa Garg. She said that we could do it and we did it!


So here you go – a list of lovely posts from us:

  1. Suzy Que – Someday Somewhere
  2. Psych Babbler – Over Cups of Coffee
  3. Vidya Sury – Coffee With Mi
  4. Tulika Singh – Obsessive Mom 
  5. Shilpa Garg –  A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose
  6. Richa Singh –  The Philosopher’s Stone
  7. Meena Menon – Meena’s Space
  8. Bhavya Nandakumar – Ishithaa
  9. Kalpana Solsi – Gemini In The Sky
  10. Kajal Kapur – Rainbow Hues
  11. Geeta Nair – Fabric of Life
  12. Corinne Rodrigues – Everyday Gyaan
  13. Maggie Lawate – 2 AM Writer
  14. Shiva Kapoor – Where The Mind Is Without Fear
  15. Aditi Kaushiva – Life Is A Journey – Make It BeaYoutiful
  16. Jyothi Nair – Jyothi’s Day Out
  17. Sheetal Susan – Scribblings
  18. Kathy Combs – The Giggling Trucker’s Wife Writes
  19. Pixie – Pixie’s Take On Everything
  20. Sulekha Rawat – Memoirs

Would you like to share your earliest memory too? Write a post on the prompt ‘My Earliest Memory’ on your blog and link it here.



Author: Corinne Rodrigues

Lover of words | Self-acceptance blogger | Instructional designer| Book Reviewer| Blog Coach

23 thoughts

  1. Truly enjoyed this initiative, Corinne. Had been smiling the entire day as I read some fabulous heart warming, hilarious, fun and funny and beautiful memories of all of us.
    This has been the bestest and happiest group blogging activity for me!
    Cheers 🙂 ♥


  2. What a super day it was! I didn’t make breakfast and was busy reading , sharing and smiling the entire morning. Cheers to the 20 of us. It was a job well done. Thank you Vidya, Shilpa, Kajal and Corinne for conceiving , carrying out and sharing this set of wonderful memories. 🙂


  3. Enjoyed this exercise Corinne. Each post was a masterpiece bringing back memories long forgotten. While some had me in splits, some had me sad. Thanks Corinne and Shilpa for the wonderful treat.


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  5. I thought I submitted through inlinkz..maybe for some other post/prompt… linking into posts is somtimes confusing!!! 😀
    Indeed, this exercise took me into those era once again..


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