100 Words On Saturday 2014 – 4

We’re keeping you nice and busy with all the prompts, aren’t we? But all good bloggers are busy – writing, reading and commenting and sharing.  I’m looking forward to reading all your posts on giving and getting compliments.

When I introduced 100 Words on Saturday on Everyday Gyaan, I hardly thought it would catch on so much. I started it because I loved the challenge of telling so much in so few words. However, somewhere down the line I’ve stopped responding to my own prompts or those of others and that’s not a nice feeling. I’m hoping to be back to it with immediate effect.

I came across this wonderful praise of flash fiction and thought I must share it with you:

The first story ever, I read somewhere, appears on an ancient Egyptian tablet and declares that “John went out on a trip.” How do we know this is a flash fiction and not a document? Because no one during that time period could have left his town on his own will. Moreover, it encapsulates the high rhetoric of sudden fiction: it has a character (I call him “John,” but he has one thousand names); there is a dominant action (the storytelling is fully present); and what is shown or said happens in time. Not less important, it announces the very rule of any story—the breaking of a code. John is an adventurer who stands against authority and decides to leave, to explore, to know.  – Julio Ortega, “A Flash before the Bang,” in The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction, ed. Tara L. Masih (Rose Metal Press, 2009), 150–51.



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Today’s prompt:

she had the last laugh



Author: Corinne Rodrigues

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  1. I like all the prompts of Write Tribe…I don’t know how I missed out on it for so long…But for the past month I have been happy taking part! And this one is definitely interesting!


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