Wednesday Prompt 2014 – 4


Many of you outdid yourself on the Wednesday Prompt last week.

Does it seem to you that you’ve hardly finished responding to one prompt when another comes up? I have been very naughty and have been giving the prompts a miss – not because I don’t want to write, just because I haven’t made the time! 😦

How do you make time for your blog and for the activities that surround it – posting, sharing, reading other blogs, responding to your comments? Remember, Vidya’s article here: Quick Blogging Tips To Help You Blog Better? In case you haven’t read it already, please do.

Are you getting your ‘compliment’ post ready for the 24th? 

Today’s prompt comes from Kajal Kapur, a movie buff, who shares her love of movies here:

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.



17 Thoughts

  1. hi,cornie its first time I am on write tribe and I really like it.Its good to read what all have to say (differently)on same topics.hope you like my posts.


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  4. Hey,
    Am sorry,I have linked a wrong post to this-It is for the Saturday prompt and i cannot seem to be able to remove it.
    Please do the needful.


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