A Christmas Present

Write Tribe had a visit from Santa in the guise of the lovely, Vidya Sury, who like the King of Siam decided that in honour of her 50th birthday year, she would give us all a gift! So she had the members of the Write Tribe group and a few others to contribute one of their posts and put together a lovely e-book that we can offer on our blogs.

I truly appreciate her patience in putting this together – reminding us time and again, requesting posts, links, pictures, making edits and generally putting up with our nonsense! I hope that I can be as patient at 50! (With one and a half year to go, I seriously doubt that!). Thank you, Vidya! You’re a star.

So here it is the Christmas present that we received and one that we’re giving away free to you, dear readers. The first Write Tribe Anthology- a Christmas present – only a day late!

Click on the picture to download the e-book for free.

The Write Tribe Anthology Book 1 cover

I’m hoping that this will be the first of many books we will put together.

Talking about books, we have an exciting book review plan coming up. Stay tuned for more.


9 Thoughts

  1. A group of friends and ton loads of fun, this is what the anthology represents to me! I could not have imagined a better company to be in 🙂 Thank you Corinne, Vidya and of course the ever patient proof reader Vaisakh to have complied this wonderful collection for us 🙂


  2. We love our dear Santa Vidya and out lil elf Vaisakh…thank you for making this possible! And Corinne thank you so much… I owe much to you and this group… I have rediscovered myself here and found such happiness connecting with like minded, warm and lovely write tribers!


  3. Thanks for having this book compiled Vidya. It not only provided us a platform to showcase our work, but it also brought us-Write Tribers, closer!

    Thanks so much!


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  5. Thank you so much Vidya, Corinne and Vaisakh for this brilliant effort. As I said earlier, you make me feel loved and cared for. This was the best ever Christmas gift I’ve received. 🙂 Here’s my post sharing the Write Tribe Book of Anthology .


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