Music – Festival of Words – Day 4


If music be the food of love (blame The Bard for that one!) and love is what the world makes the world go round, then music is the fuel that keeps the earth spinning on it’s axis, right? 😛 Don’t mind me, I’m just being silly. Doing the rounds of so many blogs and trying to write at the same time, can do that to an old woman, I tell you!

Before I drive you completely round the bend with my madness, let me share the prompt of the day (as if you didn’t already know if, and have your posts ready!) : MUSIC.

So play on, my friends and keep enjoying the Write Tribe Festival of Words – 2.



15 Thoughts

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    1. Haha. I agree witb you, I too am jumbled up. Add to it a painfully slow internet, since I am in the hometown, but then a challenge is a challenge and I am loving all the new blogs and ideas I get to read !


  2. Yes this is a challenge in a lot of ways, isn’t it? But it is good to keep us writing on our posts everyday and meeting new and wonderful people. My husband fell and broke his foot yesterday and that really threw a curve into our day — just another day and another challenge, right?


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