The Best Scent: Wednesday Prompt

Most of the writers I know are readers – madly in love with words. And there’s one scent that can send us into raptures. I’ve often heard people talk of the absence of this scent being the reason why they haven’t moved to e-readers. I’m an avid reader, and I must confess I love my Kindle. If only, I could have this scent bottled to spread around the room while I read an e-book!

Old books

The best scent? The smell of old books!

Scientists say that “old book smell” is more than just mustiness; it contains hints of grass and vanilla.  That’s because all the compounds used to make the book release distinctive odors as they break down. For example, lignin, which is present in all wood-based paper, is closely related to vanillin. As it breaks down, the lignin grants old books that faint vanilla scent.  ~ Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America

What also makes it so pleasant for us readers is the association…..
Today’s Wednesday prompt:

the smell of old books

Work it into a story, a poem, an essay……

As I mentioned before, we will now have Wednesday prompts and 100 Words on Saturday every week. The linky will now be open only for a week.

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  • That “Old Book Smell” Is a Mix of Grass and Vanilla (

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