Introducing 55 on Friday!

Remember when Vidya Sury did that great post on 55-Fiction here? It set off a flood of 55ers and what’s more, since then, I’ve received quite a few messages asking for a place to leave links to posts.

How could I not oblige? So without further ado – here’s our first 55 on Friday. It will come to you twice monthly – on the 2nd and 4th Friday.

55 on Friday #WriteTribe
55 on Friday #WriteTribe

Today’s prompt had to come from Vidya – a lovely capture that sets up quite a scene for a 55er, don’t you think?

Vidya Sury 28.10 (7)

Instructions you ask? Write a piece (or many pieces) of 55-fiction and link your post/s here.

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  1. Submitted mine 🙂 But, the (x) mark near my entry is still visible which means the entry can be deleted .. Tried to refresh it a few times but .. Please help !!


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