GrammoWriMo Anyone?

Working Together Teamwork Puzzle Concept

No, I didn’t get it wrong. I did mean #GrammWriMo! 🙂

Now, if you’re adventurous like me (wink, wink) and hope someday to have your book published, you must have signed up for NaNoWriMo.  (If you haven’t, what’s stopping you? Do so now.)  I did last year and gave up pretty darn quick! That’s not to discourage anyone. I know Vidya Sury is giving it a shot this year – and more power to her. When she asked me if I was in, I pleaded that I was out in the first week and the last week of November. Which is true, but I’m not certain that’s the only reason I’m giving it a miss. Another story. Another post, maybe.

So when I read about #GrammoWriMo on Judy Dunn’s blog, I knew I had to share the information with you all.

Grammarly (affiliate link), the guys who have that great application for checking grammar, spelling and vocabulary besides doing a check for plagiarism is organizing #GrammoWriMo and I just signed up for it.

What ?   The largest group of authors ever to collaborate on a novel- and you can get to be one of them! sign up

When?  November 2013

How? You can sign up  here (by 25 October 2013 – that’s tomorrow!) and be notified about the procedure.

Imagine being part of  a huge community of writers.


We = Power ~ Lori Myers


Teamwork makes the dream work ~ Bang Gae

You can follow GrammoWriMo on Twitter, and Grammarly on Facebook, and G+ too.

Advanced Grammar Checker and Proofreading Tool for Writers of All Levels!


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