Haiku Contest – Results


The results of the Write Tribe Contest 2 are in.

Thank you for participating. Your entries were brilliant and that shows what awesome poets you all are. It left us with vivid glimpses of your imagination and creativity and yes, it made it difficult to choose a winner!

During the selection process, we put the entries into a document without the owners’ names, to avoid any  chance of bias in our judgement.

In the end, both Vidya and I narrowed our choice down to two haiku and since both of them caught our attention for their minimalism, simplicity and superb imagery, we decided to award both these entries. Whew! What a way to end the contest!

The winners:

baby berries peep
refreshed from nurtured slumber;
warm leafy cradle

by Suzy Que

two berries ripened
succulent morsel in queue
awaiting their fate

by Kathy Combs

Congratulations Suzy and Kathy! And thanks again, everyone.
Author Bio: Praveen M who goes by the name of PhenoMenon (a strange Malayalee) is a marketing guy who believes in doing everything except work. He is very interested in photography and travelling and prefers driving to his travel destinations with his better half. He maintains a photoblog called Throo Da Looking Glass  which captures his view of life behind a camera.


Author: Corinne Rodrigues

Lover of words | Self-acceptance blogger | Instructional designer| Book Reviewer| Blog Coach

17 thoughts

  1. I just want to extend a hearty congratulations to Suzy!! I am completely blown away that I am included as a winner. With such a group of talented writers in this group I never ever imagined that my entry would be considered good enough to win. It never entered my imagination. This is the first writing contest I have ever entered in my life. Thank you so much for this incredible honor made even more magnificent because of the fierce competition and all the amazing entries. I have nothing but love and profound respect for each and every one of you and am proud to be among you. ♥


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