Letters Unsent – 4

There are many people whom we love or hate. Some like our siblings are the ones who are born close to us, and friends are the ones we acquire as we move on with our life. However there can be someone who can have a more lasting impression upon us, in the time (how ever long or short) that they have been with us. These are the people for whom we develop romantic attachments.

Continuing our Letters Unsent series, the prompt for this fortnight is to write a letter to :
 Your current love/ spouse/ crush or Your ex-love/ spouse / crush


Write Tribe - Letters Unsent


You can find the previous letters via the links below:

#1: To your best friend

#2:To a stranger who made an impression on you / Someone you judged on their first 

#3: To Your sibling (or closest cousin) / Your favorite internet friend


As always, looking forward to reading your letters.


Life has been beautiful. After completing my graduation studies in Automobile Engineering,I started working at General Motors India where I am a Deputy Manager. I have been blogging for about 7 years now. I didn’t blog much for some time in between but the urge to write is very strong now. I have a diary of sorts that I carry with me. Primarily it used for my daily operations at work, but I jot down things I like and ideas to revisit later. In the long run, most of them turn in to my blog posts which you can read here.
I like to read , watch movies and TV series. I have a long list of books that are yet to be read including an ever increasing stack of books in my cupboard that I bought because I wish to read. I enjoy comics and cartoons as much. I find that there is never a particular age of comics and cartoons. So please, don’t make me roll my eyes when you say that I shouldn’t be reading comics or watching cartoons at this age.
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Author: Corinne Rodrigues

Lover of words | Self-acceptance blogger | Instructional designer| Book Reviewer| Blog Coach

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  1. I logged in today after so many days and saw this prompt. I thought people must’ve filled the linky but here I see only Kathy’s post….

    wussup people…everyone seems to be so busy sending stickers on FB….


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