Write Tribe Contest 2

Don’t you think it’s high time we had another contest here? We certainly thought so.

This time we’re doing haiku. The prompt for the competition is the lovely photograph below. Interpret the picture, use your imagination and get your creative haiku caps on!


Write Tribe Contest 2 Rules

1. Write a haiku based on the picture prompt and post it on your blog. Just one entry and one haiku only. Include a link to this post at the bottom of your entry.

2. Use the contact form here to send in your link and a text copy of the haiku.

3. Add your link to the linky at the bottom of this post.

3. Naturally, once you’ve submitted your entry, it cannot be changed or edited.

3. The last date to receive your entries is 14 October 2013.

4. The result will be announced in a week after the deadline.


Some tips for creating haiku

1. Maximum of 3 ku’s (lines)

2. The 5-7-5 is not mandatory and a haiku can also have more than 17 syllables. Example of a syllable: beauty – 2 syllables (beau – ty) For this competition,  please keep the syllables to 17 or less. Remember,  Haiku is all about simplicity and minimal use of words yet conveying a vivid imagery to the reader – open to several interpretations.

3. Consider the use of kigo (season words) and punctuations to strengthen your haiku. Kigo is a reference to the season or changing of the seasons is an essential element of haiku. The reference may be obvious, as in using a word like “spring” or “autumn” to indicate the season, or it might be subtler. For example, mentioning wisteria, which flower during the summer, can act as less obvious reference. Check out the kigo and the punctuation in “A Zen Wave: Basho’s Haiku & Zen” by Robert Aitken;

when worn out
and seeking an inn:
wisteria flowers!

4. Do not use capital letters in haiku. A traditional haiku starts with small letters in all three lines.

The judges:  PhenoMenon (the writer of this post) and Vidya Sury (who has written for Write Tribe before –  here and here).

The prize: A framed copy of the lovely picture used as a prompt. Incidentally, the photograph was shot by me. 🙂


Author Bio: Praveen M who goes by the name of PhenoMenon (a strange Malayalee) is a marketing guy who believes in doing everything except work. He is very interested in photography and travelling and prefers driving to his travel destinations with his better half. He maintains a photoblog called Throo Da Looking Glass (www.throodalookingglass.com) which captures his view of life behind a camera

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Author: Corinne Rodrigues

Lover of words | Self-acceptance blogger | Instructional designer| Book Reviewer| Blog Coach

25 thoughts

  1. My first post at the Write Tribe. And what a brilliant prompt 🙂

    Thank you PhenoMenon for the wonderful click and prompt 🙂

    From one strange Malayalee to another 😛


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  4. Sir,
    I have submitted two entries – as I maintain two blogs. – myriadintellections and nazmekhaas.
    One is in English and other in Urdu respectively
    If it is one entry per person and not per blog, it is perfectly alright if you are considering the English entry. 🙂


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