Write Tribe Festival of Words – Day 5


What I am enjoying about the Write Tribe Festival of Words is the comments I am seeing around the blogs. Most of them are well thought out and genuine and very encouraging.

A spirit of camaraderie is an important part of blogging. The only competition we should see is ourselves.  We should constantly ask ourselves – ‘How can I improve my writing? How can I  make my blog better?  What can I learn?’  Seeking feedback, and constantly being on the look out for ways to improve is so important for success.

Remember, there is no blogger so big that s/he doesn’t need an audience and feedback. From experience, I can say that I have built readership the hard way – writing regularly, reading  a lot, visiting and commenting on blogs and building a network.  If you know of any shortcuts to this  let me know! 😉

I’m so glad that there are many bloggers who are on my regular list of reads participating in this challenge. These are some of the most regular bloggers who are just passionate about writing. I’d love to share some of their links with you.

Grace, Grits and Gardening

The Giggling Trucker’s Wife

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

The Light Stealers Song (no, Cairn Rodrigues is not related to me – we’re just almost-twins! 😉 )

Besides these, I would recommend

Jyothi Nair’s 7 Truths of Life and this post from Prat’s Musings.

Before I leave you with the linky, I must say how amused I was to see  the latest post on Copyblogger : 7 Good Features Every Good Webhost Should Offer.  Perhaps they’re secretly taking ideas from Write Tribe? 😛

Make Day 5 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words really special!


Please leave your links here and remember to visit the three blogs linked before yours.


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9 Thoughts

  1. Corinne, thanks for the link! I promise I was not creeping and lifting ideas from WriteTribe … but … if you have a previous post about hosting tips, I’d love to read it. 🙂


    1. Ha ha, Jerod. The theme of our 7-day challenge is ‘Seven’, so when I saw a post update from Copyblogger in my inbox, saying ‘7 Ways to…..’, I I was just so tickled about this and couldn’t resist saying that. I’m the one constantly hanging around Copyblogger wanting to learn more. Thanks for being a good sport about it!


  2. The only competition we should see is ourselves. Corinne , I agree with you. I don’t think there are any shortcuts to any successful venture. Today is Teacher’s day and I bow to all my teachers who taught me from K.G.


  3. I’m absolutely clueless of what I should write today. And my mind is a complete zzzz.

    Thank you big time Corinne for this wonderful festival. I’m having a great time exploring some amazing blogs!!


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