Letters Unsent

Letters have long been a source of communication between two people. While the form of the letter may have changed from hand-written posted letters (which had the anticipation of waiting for the postman) to e-mails that are now delivered instantly across the world on your hand-held device, letters are still used to communicate.

A letter lets the writer pour out their emotions in words to be read. What can’t be said in person, can be read from the letter.  One of the ideas while discussing what we can use for writing prompts for Write Tribe was to use letters. Writing a letter, in itself can be a cathartic process. Since it involves writing down what you think and feel, it serves as a creative and emotional release.

In my search for how to run these prompts , I initially came across this on The Write Project and the HeckYeah Tumblr challenges. After some discussion with the group members, we decided by popular consensus, that instead of having to write a letter each day for a month, we should spread it out over a period of time to make it easier for participation. Which is why, I presenting this prompt to you on a fortnightly basis.


Our letter prompt will be posted on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. Instead of writing 30 letters for each day of the month, we will be writing 15 letters over a period of 15 fortnights. This will reduce any strain of compulsion and lend an easier flow to the contents of the letter.

May this be the collection of letters you wanted to write, or the letters that you wrote but didn’t send. Your letters unsent.

The first letter for the prompt is :

To your best friend


Life has been beautiful. After completing my graduation studies in Automobile Engineering,I started working at General Motors India where I am a Deputy Manager. I have been blogging for about 7 years now. I didn’t blog much for some time in between but the urge to write is very strong now. I have a diary of sorts that I carry with me. Primarily it used for my daily operations at work, but I jot down things I like and ideas to revisit later. In the long run, most of them turn in to my blog posts which you can read here.
I like to read , watch movies and TV series. I have a long list of books that are yet to be read including an ever increasing stack of books in my cupboard that I bought because I wish to read. I enjoy comics and cartoons as much. I find that there is never a particular age of comics and cartoons. So please, don’t make me roll my eyes when you say that I shouldn’t be reading comics or watching cartoons at this age.
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The Linky for Letters Unsent will be open until midnight of 13 August 2013



25 Thoughts

  1. 😀

    You know why I am happy, dont you? I already have one half written since ages to dumpling – my best friend. I guess its time to complete it NOW!!

    Thanks so much for this one…. for letters and me share and eternal love as they are the most written thing on my blog. So **keeping my fingers crossed* I hope to be able to participate in this one despite all the odds 😛


  2. Love this, Corinne. Thanks for making me feel less alone with my dark moments and the negative emotions that sometimes threaten to consume me. I do try to stay positive but some days are easier than others.


  3. Corinne I somehow still write letters to my near and dear ones…but yes there are many which we never send…

    I totally loved writing for this particular prompt.


  4. My best friend and I had kickstarted the trend of writing letters when we were in campus and still randomly do..
    Had thought of writing this as one of my posts of UBC..Glad U introduced it here Santulan 😀


  5. I didnt address it as DEAR XXX
    But this is a letter which I wrote on my blog already read by her hence submitting
    Hoping it holds good for the prompt 🙂 ?
    do let me know
    IF not will delete it


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