Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 17


I hope your day started well and you’re raring to go write your post for Day 17 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Make it a good one!

Today I want to check if you really read anything on here. If you do, leave a comment, telling me one learning from the Ultimate Blog Challenge so far. If you don’t, I might delete your link. Fair?

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Author: Corinne Rodrigues

Lover of words | Self-acceptance blogger | Instructional designer| Book Reviewer| Blog Coach

23 thoughts

  1. I learnt that there’s so much to know and there’s so little time. With my work and 2 two kids, I am getting so less time to read and comment on so many blog posts that I really feel bad about it. But, indeed this is a great place to be. I have found some real good friends from this part of the world and get to learn a lot from mutual experiences. 🙂


    1. Thanks for sharing, Rekha. The trick is to focus on only a few blogs to comment on every day and then do some random ones too. I’m glad you’ve made some good connections already. Good luck for the rest of the UBC. 🙂


  2. Sigh – Ultimate Blog Challenge taught me not to over reach. I’ve been trying to do it for two blogs and it began to stress me out terribly. I also found some superb blogs, serendipitously about dealing with stress 🙂 and so I dealt with my stress.
    Once I returned to enjoying the blogging instead of seeing it as a goal to be met, the stress melted away.
    But, one blog would have been enough.


  3. Totally Fair 🙂

    The learning that I get from UBC? Hmmmm there is no dearth of words and if u want you can discipline yourself for writing daily. You just have to make time for it 🙂


  4. Absolutely fair enough Corinne 🙂
    I think by the end of July, I will learn
    1. To live without weekends, 😛
    2. To manage my time better,
    3. To network better with bloggers,
    4. To make time for blogging in between office hours 😛
    5. Learnt that blogging is a life long learning process 😀


  5. Wow Corrine,

    This is a nice way to start some conversation here…we were so busy blogging and linking that we often forgot that each day you also went through the process of creating a linky for us. It is completely fair.
    Plus one thing about UBC – it is a challenge indeed and I can proudly say I am doing good…it has helpe a lot of traffic to my site, and especially those people who comment and give reviews. It will hopefully make me a better blogger (and a bad employee)…
    loads of love, today’s post coming soon

    p.s. read your post on loyalty but cant comment there, technical issues…loved it, will try to add my views later


    1. Thanks, Sugandha. I just wanted to make sure everyone was actually reading! 😉
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the challenge and hope your employers are kind to you and your blog!
      When you have the time, let me know what technical issues you faced on my other blog. Don’t want that to happen to anyone .


  6. Through UBC I got an opportunity to connect with some very talented multi-faceted bloggers. It is interesting to discover new writing styles, new perspectives and newer like minded virtual friends. 🙂


  7. I came in late, and am not really into blogging unlimited yet 🙂
    Given some health issues, and huge time issues, it is most certainly a challenge to keep up even reading the way so very many bloggers are consistently updating and working on their posts. Kudos to you for the inspiration, and to them, for the wonderful way they have done it. I’ve read a few Haiku, which I love reading, and I guess I ought to spread myself a bit more. 🙂
    They motivate. As you do.


  8. I was a bit hesitant to participate in UBC. ohh How can I post a blog daily. Well I am here, posting one daily without interruptions and am confident of doing so. I am trying my level best to make time for all the jobs. I am a full time housewife and a mother of a teen. People might wonder (just like my hubby) how she cannot find time. But household work is 24X7 job. My maid seems to be happy as I am not giving her a tough time and am mostly on my laptop. She asked me if I am planning to join office as she finds me blogging. My son complains that I have become an addict. So I am trying to manage time. By participating in UBC , I am exposed to a variety of writings. Just loving it. Thank UBC and Corinne.


  9. No matter how much you plan, things at times do not turn out the way you want….this is the most important thing I learnt. Read my today’s post, to know more about it 🙂
    In the two years of blogging, I’ve read only selected blogs, but this challenge, has opened new doors, and I eagerly wait for the links everyday!


  10. The most important thing that UBC has taught me is to manage my time and be regular with my blogging and also stay true to my freelancing commitments. Yes, like others even I have discovered new styles of writing and made some new connections. Fighting time constraint and being on top of my schedule has what this challenge has taught me. Thank you Corinne for this wonderful challenge.


  11. I learned that if you love and appreciate someone, you will take out time, no matter how dead tired you are, you let each one of them know what their words mean to you by visiting their world of words and expressing your love. 🙂


  12. Fair Corinne! 🙂
    I learnt that there are so many fabulous talented bloggers out there who are encouraging and very sweet.
    I learnt to push my thinking to try to write something new everyday!

    I made a few new friends and I’m glad I took it up! 🙂


  13. hawww I didn’t comment. I know because I didn’t read. I was in the middle of that facebook chatting on group and you know how crazy it was. Shorry 😦 well well what is my one learning that its always difficult to continue something you have started. Initiating is important but its sustaining it that makes things all the more worthwhile. And of course I got to read some very amazing blogposts!


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