Write Tribe Contest #1 Results


The Write Tribe Contest #1  was a huge success. 44 entries for a new blog is something!  It wouldn’t have been possible without so many of you sharing about it.  I read and enjoyed every single post and was amazed at the creativity and the variety.

Thank you for your participation and for spending time reading and commenting on posts. In this regard, I must mention Sreedev Soman. If there was an award for commenting, it would go to him. I appreciate that he read and commented on each of the entries.

I looked at  how effortlessly the prompt words were used to create a piece, creativity, language, flow and the effect on the reader. Based on this criteria, the winner of the contest is :

                                            DEBBIE @ THE DOGLADY’S DEN 

Congratulations, Debbie. Your Amazon Voucher for USD 10 will be on its way soon.

Thank you, everyone. Looking forward to your participation in the next contest which is coming soon!




Photo Credit: Vi. Ko. (Vikas K.) via Compfight cc


16 Thoughts

  1. Congratulations Debbie, it was worth deserving…keep up the spirit. Thank you Corinne for mentioning me in this regard. It was a wonderful contest. I enjoyed writing for this and got ample to read too.


  2. I’m so surprised you chose me! There were many great entries here. Thank you for this honour. What a lovely way to start my day. 😀 It was a fun challenge and I’d love to do more, if you ever hold another contest. Your blogs are wonderful Corinne and you deserve a prize yourself, for nurturing the muse in us.


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