Why I Write


I chose to postpone the usual Wednesday prompt here to give way to this today:

The Writer’s Post Thursday Blog Hop # 80

The Writer’s Post is a Facebook group which I’m glad to be a part of .

It’s my honour to be hosting this week. The chosen theme is:

Why I Write

I thought I’d open up to all the readers of Write Tribe too.

I look forward to reading all your posts sharing on why you are a write/blogger and what compels you to write.

Please add the URLs of your posts to the linky below. The Linky will be open until next Tuesday, i.e. 12 June 2013 midnight.


Photo Credit: raventhird via Compfight cc


Author: Corinne Rodrigues

Lover of words | Self-acceptance blogger | Instructional designer| Book Reviewer| Blog Coach

45 thoughts

  1. Excellent Topic Corinne– glad to see the blog hop is back 🙂 I wish I were in writing mode–but not for a few months yet!! This is a great topic though and may have to revisit it this fall when I’m back to writing again~~

    Cheers, Jenn


    1. Thanks, Jenn. Yes, the blog hop is back and we’re all book upto 1st Aug and people asking for dates after that too. I look forward to reading your post when you get back to writing.


    1. Looking forward to reading why you write, Bhavya. I love the picture too. I’ve reverted to using an ink pen and I love it!


    1. Hi Akila – I’m sorry there was a technical problem with the Linky that has since been fixed. Look forward to reading your post.


  2. Tried to post a link but couldn’t move past the photo add. Looking forward to reading writer’s answers. This is a favorite topic of mine, what drives a writer and why.


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    1. Thanks, Pixie. I’ve taken to using a fountain pen when I do my journal. For blogging, it’s the keyboard. Get yourself a fountain pen – you’ll love it! 😉


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  5. Hi Corinne,
    Just realized I had 7 more hours and when I saw it on Diana Pinto’s blog, I’m like I cannot afford to miss the train:) Congo for the wonderful initiative.


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